Discussion points from last committee meeting 23-03-2018




  1. Presentation evening – very successful event and good feedback received from members. Club flags – quotes obtained and flags to be ordered. First Aid Evening – low attendance however well presented by St Johns.
  2. Good Friday 10 – Start sheets have been emailed out with 118 riders taking part. All the marshals have been sorted for the event.
  3. EGM – No feedback received from Pedal Revolution who had asked for EGM to be called, so nothing to discuss.
  4. Cycling Weekly – Date of ride set for Sunday 8th April 2018.
  5. New Members – 3 new members – Rob Pittman, Peter Aldred and Justin Keeler bringing the total membership to 126
  6. AOB

TT – all police notifications have been submitted.

Tuesday Rides – to start 27th March 6.30pm from Cliff Park school.

Strava Segment Challenge – to be looked into with the possibility of setting up a challenge for the club.

Bronze medals – To be presented at the next social evening on 6th April.

TT Series – marshals in same format as last year by advertising on social media.

  1. Date of next meeting

Friday 4th May 2018 6.30pm

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